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Control & monitor movements on your property

Access Control Systems allow you to monitor record and report all activities around the entering and exiting your property. This is usually done using an entrance token or card and monitored using a PC and associated software.

Any building with mid-to -high volumes of traffic, or where extra security and supervision is required, should not be without an effective Access Control System.

ACT_Entry_A5_KitHow it Works?

1.    Each individual allowed access to the premises is given an allocated reader
2.    Readers can be a token, swipe-card or key fob that will be used to gain entrance
3.    Alternatively, individuals are given an entrance code to key into a numerical pad
4.    Only previously authorised readers can gain entrance to the premises
5.    Full reports can be run to examine and monitor movements and activities

At MC Security Solutions we offer a wide range of Industry Leading Access Control Solutions.

  • Control access to 1 and up to 1000 doors!
  • Software controlled
  • CCTV integration compatible
  • Allow time restrictions/ automatic timings 
  • Restrict access as required
  • Full reporting capabilities

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MC Security Solutions Ltd is licensed by the National Standards Authority (NSAI) and the Private Security Authority (PSA) for the Installation and Maintenance of Intruder Alarms

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