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Catch it (and prevent it) with camera!

CCTV is an integral part of any security solution for a professional business. It will monitor individuals as the move around your premises, based on the placements of cameras. CCTV is critically important when a crime is carried out, as captions caught by the system can prove invaluable.

MC Security Solutions use our dedicated Centrally Station National Monitoring Network, whereby we can log in and view the CCTV images in ‘real-time’ and act on disturbances immediately or confirm a false alarm.

Benefits of Digital CCTV

1.    Automatic recording triggered by movement
2.    Images can be retrieved instantly
3.    No tapes, no forward & rewinding, no mess
4.    Remote Access from your PC, PDA or Mobile Phone
5.    Images can be emailed & copied
6.    Zoom in and identify a person or a object with HD CCTV systems

High Definition CCTV

MC Security Solutions are also leading the way in the latest HD CCTV (IP and Mega Pixel) solutions.  HD CCTV produces much clearer, brighter & sharper images on recordings and playback eg a 3.1 megapixel camera will produce a picture with 30 times more quality then a analogue cif camera. In most cases your existing CCTV system can be upgraded to a HD system quite easily.

What we offer

1.    Digital CCTV Systems
2.    IP and Mega pixel CCTV Systems
3.    Community Based and Town Centre CCTV Systems
4.    ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) CCTV cameras
5.    Access Control Systems, Gate and Barrier automation
6.    24 hour Intruder Alarm and Fire alarm Monitoring
7.    24 Hour CCTV monitoring


Video Analytics

By integrating Video Analytics into your current CCTV system, your premises will be linked up to our CCTV monitoring station for full, real-time monitoring. If someone enters your property, the system will trigger an alert in the monitoring station and your premises can be remotely viewed by our controllers with the appropriate action being taken swiftly and effectively.


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MC Security Solutions Ltd is licensed by the National Standards Authority (NSAI) and the Private Security Authority (PSA) for the Installation and Maintenance of Intruder Alarms

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